Founder's Message:

To bring quality education with the evolving needs of the society within the reach of most of the people. This peerless institute was brought into existence to bridge the gap between industry and the institute and bring technology from lab to land. From the inception, the institute focused on enhancing excellence in teaching with emphasis on practical learning balanced with theory. While our facilities here are as good as any or even better compared to other similar institutions. Our great asset is our staff particularly our teaching staff, they are highly qualified and well experienced.

We at the institution, constantly strive to adapt to the changing technology and demands of the society and stay more often ahead of the pack. To meet this goal, we conduct seminars and training workshops with industry leaders, business heads and subject experts in various fields. We encourage our staff to pursue distant learning where applicable.

As for students, the emphasis is placed on balanced development of them as strong individuals and model citizens, to meet this lofty objective importance is placed on communication skills, soft skills and personality development which will train the students as self-confident individuals, mentally strong personnel to meet the needs of fast growing economy